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Are you have the experience suffer from chapped ,hard,rough skin and dry skin hands

Since you use your hand a lot all day ,do some special work or in dry environment for a long time,your hands may become dry and Cracked,you may suffer from dry & chapped hands feeling,they will be more worse when in cold weather strikes and winter! water and soap may be a little help but not enough!

Are you want to treatment your hands to be smoothing,flexiblely,beauty and baby hands feeling?
Are you want to do a hands spa treatment at home?
Are you want to turn your dry,cracked and hard hands to softness and natural moisture?
How do you moisturize your hands with gloves?

Moisturizing gloves – best choice!

What are moisturizing gloves for hands?
Do moisturizing gloves work?

Moisturizing gloves is hand treatment gloves made of soft hight quality cotton and Built-in moisturizing hypo-allergenic treatment gel contain helpful health medical-grade Botanical Oil,such as Olive Oil,Mineral Oil,Jojoba Oil,Grape Seed Oil,Rose Oil etc.

Health Botanical Oil personal care provide enough nutrition to your hands,help absorbing speed up the moisturizing process,great for your hands to recover natural health and beauty hands.

Olive Oil
act as a natural pain killer with its oleocanthal compound.
Mositurizes and repair cracked skin
Providing easy assimilate vitamins K, A and D
Anti aging process of the feet

Mineral Oil
Can help improve mobility and relieve stiffness of painful, aching joints.
Prevent the loss of moisture from the skin, keeping the skin hydrated.

Jojoba Oil
help quickly penetrate to deliver healing properties of its partner oils.
Contains Vitamin E and it promoting healthy and clear skin.
Vitamin E prevents sings of aging.
Smooths,softens and restores over time.helps fight bacterla and fungl on skin

Grape Seed Oil
help dilate blood vessels to increase circulation and reduce pain.
improve the grey color old looking for feet

Rose Oil
Smooths skin texture for younger looking hands
Help relief stress and anxiety
Help decrease in breathing rate and blood pressure.

Do gloves make your hands dry?
You should try Moisturizing gloves

Another material is the cotton
Do cotton gloves help dry hands?
people also called
cotton moisturizing gloves / cotton gloves for dry hands / cotton spa gloves / cotton moisturising gloves / cotton gloves for moisturizing hands

contain white cotton moisturizing gloves / white cotton gloves for moisturizing hands
spa life hand gloves gel look as silicone gloves for dry hands ,is the inner of hand spa gloves,some kinds of the are the lotion gloves for dry hands,some of them is the medicated gloves for dry hands or healing gloves for dry hands

organic cotton gloves for dry hands with silk moisturizing gloves to keep hands moisturized

best cotton gloves for dry hands

When using Moisturizing gloves it will helps:
Moisturise the hands,knuckles and palms
Softens hands
Increase flexibility skin of hands
Enhance a natural and healthy hands look
Prevent your hands to build up of dry hard and cracked skin
Protecting your hands from cracked dry heels
Protect your hands from damaged heels
Reducing hands pressure
Reducing friction over the hands
Relief for your dry hands pain
Nourish the smooth of your hands

Works together with your love lotion,blam or cream,better help hands treatment for a better result
You need using moisturizing sock more days a week and more time,Hand spa when you sleep overnight moisturizing gloves overnight gloves for dry hands is ok and better

How can I moisturize my hands overnight?
Is it OK to sleep with gloves on?

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So ,this Moisture gel gloves is a great spa gloves hand softening gloves for dry hands!

Hand spa when you sleep overnight moisturizing gloves overnight gloves for dry hands repair

Ergonomics design comfortable
The gel spa oil on hand cover the hand make it easy to absorbing.

Steps to use:
Soak and wash your hands in warm water .
Wait until your dry skin has warm and softened.
Rub it gently over the dry and cracked area, then using tower dry your skin.
Apply some hand cream
Wear the gel gloves

Moisturizing gloves Washing Instructions:
Please Hand wash.
Please no bleach, no dry cleaning.
Neutral detergent is preferred.
Please make sure no direct sunlight.
Please Wash in water below 85°F.
Please do not peel the gel in the socks.
Please Not using dryer

Diy moisturizing gloves
If you could got some health oil or other gel,you can diy the spa glove yourselves

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